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fleck / пятно, крапинка, веснушка
имя существительное
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, fleck
speck, spot, fleck, speckle, mottle
freckle, fleck, sunspot, heat-spot
покрывать пятнами
maculate, spot, fleck, dapple, blotch, splotch
покрывать крапинками
fleck, mottle
имя существительное
a very small patch of color or light.
his blue eyes had gray flecks in them
mark or dot with small patches of color or particles of something.
the minarets are flecked with gold leaf
Detail was muddled, and there were occasional specks and flecks in the print.
The morning sky was flecked with little snowy clouds; the air was full of pine-resin.
Our streets are used as dumping grounds, our buildings are covered with graffiti and our pavements are flecked with sticky-gum.
In the mid-1930s she began to attract attention with pictures consisting of flecks of colour against a greyish or neutral background.
Her hair, tied at the back with a pencil, is flecked with the odd strand of grey and, of course, there are lines on her face.
The candle flame shivered, tossing flecks of light over something on the dresser that I hadn't noticed before.
Breeding adults have yellow bills, iridescent feathers that shine purple and green and are flecked with white spots.
His dark brown hair was flecked with golden brown and sat flat on his head but curled around his ears, neck and forehead.
Yesterday bullet holes spattered the walls and the floor was flecked with blood.
The thick green carpet is flecked with gold, the walls are cream and dividing arches are lit to warm gold by downward-angled lights.