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flea / блоха
имя существительное
In some cases we have learned that an insect can cause harm, such as when we're bitten by a flea or mosquito.
It is passed from bunny to bunny by biting insects such as the flea and mosquito so prevention of these is important.
Unlike fleas , lice can't jump from person to person.
In the end, I obeyed and fell into a comfortable sleep, ignoring the fleas that were jumping around me.
The disease is passed onto humans through fleas which jump from the rat when it dies.
Plague mostly affected rodents, but fleas could transmit the disease to people too.
When rats die from the plague, the fleas that lived on them must seek out new sources of blood.
It put poison in his blood that killed fleas after one bite.
As he walked around the lounge his boots stuck to the floor and he became aware that he was being bitten by fleas .
Plague is transmitted by fleas that live on rodents.