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flay / свежевать, чистить кожицу, сдирать кожу
чистить кожицу
сдирать кожу
flay, bark, excorticate, raw
снимать кожицу
peel, flay
обдирать кору
peel the skin off (a corpse or carcass).
one shoulder had been flayed to reveal the muscles
For instance, God did not tell Abraham to flay Isaac's skin and beat him mercilessly before sacrificing him.
He would flay the flesh of unresurrected corpses and use the skin to make lampshades and chair covers and clothes.
They should flog him and flay him if they so desire.
The creatures seemed upset and began to flay the skin on their backs with flails and whips they carried in holsters around the thick trunk of their neck.
They said they would kill me, flay me and a lot of other things.
They had used their newly-designed, precise instruments of torture to flay away skin, then the drugs to rebuild it into this monstrosity, this hideous pattern of nerveless layers.
He was flayed and his skin mounted on the door as a warning.
Some of them had their skins flayed off them and their flesh was flung to the dogs.
There were even some claiming that a traitor's death was too good for her, that she should be executed in the old way: flayed alive and then thrown into the sea.
The enemy stood shocked as the heavy weapon flayed him open, and he fell to the ground.