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flaxen / льняной, соломенный, светло-желтый
имя прилагательное
linen, flaxen, flax, flaxy
straw, strawy, chaff, stramineous, flaxen
имя прилагательное
of flax.
It was silvery white of unsoiled reed flaxen silk.
He ordered that he be buried in flaxen , linen vestments rather than in woolen vestments.
They looked much the same as any Islayan, in simple leather, woolen or flaxen clothing.
He had azure coloured eyes and flaxen hair with indigo streaks.
Her creamy skin glowed in the firelight, and her flaxen hair was like spun gold.
He had an unruly shock of flaxen hair, lighter than the colour of wheat, and huge, sparkling eyes.
The mats offer looks ranging from denim to suede, earthy flaxen , rich raw silks, grass cloth and linen.
The voice belonged to a tall knight, dressed all in armor, with dark skin and flaxen hair.
It was silvery white of unsoiled reed flaxen silk.
In that white dress, with that flaxen hair and those blue eyes, she looks as if she's descended straight from heaven.