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flawed / портить, вызывать трещину, раскалывать
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, ruin, mar, damage
вызывать трещину
split, crack, split up, clove, cleave, splinter
имя прилагательное
blemished, damaged, or imperfect in some way.
flawed crystals
(of an imperfection) mar, weaken, or invalidate (something).
the computer game was flawed by poor programming
It is a compelling account of a commonly flawed man who accepted the sacrifices of service and survived with honor.
This rollicking rethink of The Scottish Play gives a laugh-a-minute take on the downfall of a flawed hero and his psychotically ambitious wife.
The best devices are surprising plot twists and a flawed hero who redeems himself by solving the crime.
Crowe is stoic and selfless - a perfectly flawed hero worth rooting for.
Petersen's film draws out the tragedy without pandering to the mainstream, and is populated by flawed heroes rather than knights in shining armour.
His superb portrayal of Charlie lends him great stature, yet exposes him as a flawed and frustrated man.
Though I might wax too melodramatic in saying so, Trust is even, perhaps, a story of what it is to be a flawed , human hero.
I hope baseball sees fit to extend some leniency to a flawed human being who made a serious mistake.
The towering sculpture, made out of one piece of flawed marble, has been acclaimed internationally for its depiction of male beauty.
Is the BBC staffed by flawed human beings who will occasionally make mistakes?