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flatulence / метеоризм, напыщенность, скопление газов
имя существительное
flatulence, flatulency, tympanites, tympany, winds
bombast, flatulence, pomposity, highfalutin, grandiloquence, sententiousness
скопление газов
flatulence, flatulency
имя существительное
the accumulation of gas in the alimentary canal.
foods that may cause flatulence
foods that may cause flatulence
Larger amounts can cause gastrointestinal discomfort, like bloating or flatulence .
Activated charcoal capsules are also marketed to alleviate flatulence .
the flatulence characterizing his writings
The utter bliss of this situation is spoilt by my worries over morning flatulence .
Diet can be an important factor in helping to reduce flatulence .
Fennel tea is another time-honored way to fight flatulence .
Throughout history, some of the most profound artists have found humor in the subject of flatulence .
foods that may cause flatulence
I read that you can make a tea with a common cooking ingredient for flatulence .