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flattery / лесть, самообольщение
имя существительное
flattery, adulation, sycophancy, cajolery, palaver, taffy
имя существительное
excessive and insincere praise, especially that given to further one's own interests.
his healthy distrust of courtiers' flattery
There are some who fear that lavish praise equates flattery .
You are not inclined toward flattery , so any compliment you give is earned.
So, notwithstanding the suggestion of the article, obviously not all such comments are merely insincere flattery .
Compliments and flattery are nice, but I can offer you much, much more.
A smarmy radio station Director considers himself positively brilliant by getting rid of a troublesome author through insincere flattery .
I usually have all kinds of flattery and nice words, and I could this time, too.
Newly appointed ministers have always been the targets of inflated flattery from vested interests eager to gain an early place in their affections.
He needed Bill's insincere flattery , even though he was only partly swayed by it.
She knew, truly enough however, that her godfather didn't believe in compliments and flattery unless they were earned.
He was not the sort of prince who adored flattery and adulation, public appearances and such.