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flatter / льстить, обольщать, преувеличивать достоинства
flatter, cajole, adulate, toady, compliment, please
seduce, flatter, debauch, inveigle, blandish
преувеличивать достоинства
имя существительное
рихтовальный молот
lavish insincere praise and compliments upon (someone), especially to further one's own interests.
she was flattering him to avoid doing what he wanted
имя прилагательное
smooth and even; without marked lumps or indentations.
a flat wall
lacking interest or emotion; dull and lifeless.
“I'm sorry,” he said, in a flat voice
(of a fee, wage, or price) the same in all cases, not varying with changed conditions or in particular cases.
a $30 flat fare
(of musical sound) below true or normal pitch.
Sung in a deliberately flat tone, this song is a typically acidic musical joke and for that reason it does not stand up to repeated listens.
of or relating to flat racing.
the Flat season
Take note of styles that flatter and fit your shape.
He does not flatter me with compliments, which I know cannot be genuine.
As a result, decide on some basic pieces of jewelry that will flatter all of your clothing and travel with those.
He then went on to flatter them further by complimenting their car parks.
Layered shaggy styles flatter the pear shape face.
It's important to choose a dress style which will flatter everyone's figure.
Remember, when you compliment the trainee you also flatter the person who trained them.
When you really want to flatter your eyes, go for sheer, neutral shadow colors like beige or pale banana-yellow.
Alex told me that Benny tried to flatter Alex into appearing in porno movies.
On the eyes choose shades that flatter your complexion, such as chocolate, rich brown, caramel and toast.