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flatten / выравниваться, выравнивать, расплющить
flatten, flatten out, dress
align, level, level off, flatten, equalize, flatten out
flatten, flatten out
make or become flat or flatter.
spoon the mixture into the pan, flatten into cakes, and fry until brown
raze (a building or settlement) to the ground.
the hurricane flattened thousands of homes
If your girlfriend has beautiful wavy hair, would you want her to flatten it out by combing it with the wrong brush?
Bulldozers could flatten buildings used to care for the elderly and disabled if a site near the town centre is sold off.
Turn over the cake and flatten slightly, before slashing the top three times with a sharp knife.
after Kendal, the countryside begins to flatten out
Peter combed his dark brown hair, trying to flatten the back and sides, but as usual it remained up turned.
He attempted to flatten the hair without a comb.
spoon the mixture into the pan, flatten into cakes, and fry until brown
The army has used its newly acquired firepower to flatten houses and other buildings, destroy coconut plantations and turn the city into a virtual ghost town.
His regular spot was left empty, the grass he would normally flatten sitting upright and proud.
Plans to flatten a listed building for a TV show have been branded ridiculous by the grandson of the man who built it.