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flatmate / сосед по квартире
сосед по квартире
имя существительное
a person who shares a flat (apartment) with others.
my flatmate moved out a month ago
I then noticed my flatmate and a whole bunch of his friends pour into the pub.
I must find a way to get more money, a flatmate and a new flat.
My old flatmate and good friend Phil was Australian, so he wanted to take in a few shows at the Festival.
my flatmate moved out a month ago
Six weeks later he gets engaged to the flatmate of a friend of mine.
my flatmate moved out a month ago
His flatmate helped to design it while another friend helped him to find the commercial deals that made the website profitable.
I met my wife when I had a flat at Glasgow's waterfront and needed a flatmate to share.
If I had better willpower, I could leave it in my fridge for my flatmate / friends.
Next morning, the flatmates have to laugh at me because I'm sitting in my dressing gown, staring into space with the goofiest grin you can imagine.