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flatly / решительно, плоско, ровно
strong, decidedly, vigorously, flatly, positively, stoutly
flat, flatly
smooth, exactly, flat, level, even, flatly
showing little interest or emotion.
“You'd better go,” she said flatly
in a firm and unequivocal manner; absolutely.
they flatly refused to play
in a smooth and even way.
I applied the paint flatly
But when I asked Joel how the weather would affect the alpine moorlands, he said, flatly , ‘It is not raining.’
A further 7% flatly refused to take their healthy snack in the first place.
Sometimes the white lines ricochet in circular motions; others emanate from floating geometric forms that are pierced by flatly painted openings.
they flatly refused to play
‘It's not my book, it's Carrie's,’ she said flatly , and turned away.
‘As you wish,’ he replied flatly and stepped out into a spot of dim light.
‘We don't have that,’ said the employee on Bleeker Street flatly , deciding it wasn't worth the time to even check his computer.
I applied the paint flatly
I applied the paint flatly
All of this evidence flatly contradicted the claims that there was a wave, trend, or epidemic of school violence.