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flat-footed / застигнутый врасплох, плоскостопный, решительный
имя прилагательное
застигнутый врасплох
flatfooted, in a weak moment
resolute, strong, decisive, determined, drastic, firm
имя прилагательное
having flat feet.
a flat-footed, overweight cop
unable to move quickly and smoothly; clumsy.
getting caught in flat-footed ignorance can be uncomfortable
not clever or imaginative; uninspired.
he has little space for anecdote, but the text is no flat-footed catalog
In contrast, the A. afarensis bone resembled that of the flat-footed apes, making it improbable that its foot had an arch like our own.
As a child I was supremely flat-footed in the outdoors, which, combined with my fear of falling over, made me a third wheel on outings of all kinds.
Last Saturday, the Crusaders backs were consistently flat-footed when they received the ball, while the Stormers were nearly always moving at pace.
Thanks to the reworked chassis and air suspension, it certainly feels no more cumbersome or flat-footed than any other 4x4 I've driven.
They were caught flat-footed , but they quickly assembled for the fight at hand.
They left the Japanese defence looking awkward and flat-footed .
He diagnosed her as flat-footed and knock-kneed.
Their backs were flat-footed with the ball in hand.
Both players possess plenty of pace and, as Ballycam Celtic proved, that is the one thing that is likely to trouble a flat-footed Rovers defence.
But while the defender stood flat-footed , the striker followed the flight of the ball, attempted to take it under control and, in fluffing his first touch, shinned it into the net.