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flask / колба, фляжка, флакон
имя существительное
flask, bulb
bottle, vial, flask, flacon
имя существительное
a container or bottle, in particular.
One of the flasks holds an oily liquid approximating to coffee while the other holds almost-boiling water that might nearly brew a half-strength cup of extra-weak tea.
a flask of coffee
It's great to hear Rich and Stew's classic dialogue again, all best washed down with a flask of weak lemon drink.
Their contribution to the daytrip consisted of two apples and a flask of green tea.
He pulled out the obligatory silver flask from the suitcase and took a long drink.
The German student cracked open a flask of schnapps and I chipped in my packed lunch.
She turned around on her stool with a bright smile on her face holding the flask and a test tube out to the confused young man.
He then dissolved the glassy residue in dilute hydrochloric acid, boiled it, and left it to stand for several days in a corked flask .
Barth put his head in his hands and stared down at the greenish liquid in his flask .
McPeabody unscrewed the lid and poured some of the flask 's liquid contents into his coffee cup.
I have also been taking with me a flask of soup and a blanket.