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flasher / проблесковый прибор, эксгибиционист, маяк-мигалка
имя существительное
проблесковый прибор
exhibitionist, flasher
имя существительное
an automatic device causing a light to flash on and off rapidly.
a person, especially a man, who exposes his genitals in public.
The restrictions put by the police after fall of dusk and the nuisance created by voyeurs, flashers , wayside Romeos, drug addicts and gays are just some of the issues that people face.
News reports on how a Croatian flasher met his match on encountering a local dog.
As the name would suggest, a bicycle flasher features several LED lights that flash on and off to catch the eyes of those around you.
If you come across a flasher , report it to the police.
In the first incident a 34-year-old woman was indecently assaulted and in a separate attack a flasher exposed himself to workers in a local tanning studio, both on Monday night.
If a flasher can frighten girls of this age, imagine the situation with multiples.
A flasher exposes himself in the hope that you will expose yourself to him in return.
A flasher has been jailed for four months after he exposed himself to four women on the same night.
A few years ago there was a flasher exposing himself in the footpath but nothing nasty.
Detectives are hunting an anorak-wearing flasher who exposed himself to a woman as she walked along a Burnley canal towpath.
I'm not asking for the register to be open, to know about every flasher , every family member molested.