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flashbulb / лампа-вспышка
имя существительное
flashbulb, photoflash
имя существительное
a light bulb that flashes in order to illuminate a photographic subject, of a type that is used only once.
suddenly flashbulbs were popping and whole rolls of film were squeezed off in seconds
It is as if a flashbulb suddenly clicked brightly inside his dark, dark brain.
Therefore, a desired aesthetic goal is a face with defined planes that will reflect favourably from lights of a flashbulb , yet not look drawn.
Then, in a move that brought the house down, she ran down the stairs and planted a kiss on his cheek as flashbulbs popped.
Practically, this means that most items will never see the light of archivists' flashbulbs .
Hall opened his eyes, and instantly flashbulbs popped, blinding him momentarily.
How can the royal family exist in the public consciousness if not through the flashbulbs and omnipresent cameras?
Unfortunately, my attention is diverted to the two dozen photographers camped out below the stage; their flashbulbs pop like fireworks.
This new method not only revolutionized the dangerous field of indoor photography, but also was the forerunner to photographic flashbulbs and floodlights.
Kristin certainly isn't shy when it comes to camera flashbulbs , but these shots seem a little too planned out to us.
Awaiting them at the airport last Wednesday morning was an onslaught of cameras, microphones, flashbulbs and curious reporters.