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flanker / обход, мошенничество, удар во фланг
имя существительное
bypass, detour, round, beat, diversion, flanker
fraud, cheating, swindle, cheat, dishonesty, flanker
удар во фланг
coverage, sweep, reach, envelopment, incidence, flanker
sell, swindle, trickery, skulduggery, hype, flanker
имя существительное
a person or thing situated on the flank of something, in particular.
The team skipper led by example at full-back, while her flankers kept their respective markers off the scoreboard.
a trick; a swindle.
he's certainly pulled a flanker on the army
The tight end and flanker line up in the normal spots on the three-receiver side.
The plan is for Rogers to be the flanker with Williams using his speed on the backside to get downfield and make big plays.
At Georgia, he had started at flanker , tailback, quarterback, and split end, and also had handled punt and kickoff return duties.
he's certainly pulled a flanker on the army
Knapp wants to make Price the flanker in his offense.
He is also athletic enough to have played both ways at college football's highest level, starting at flanker on a national championship team.
he's certainly pulled a flanker on the army
Your flankers will keep the foe from dodging your blows.
It has four flankers which have a covered communication with each other, and are mounted with good guns.
The 23rd Light Dragoons, raised in 1781, armed its flankers with small, short blunderbusses with elliptical muzzles referred to as musketoons.