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flange / фланец, выступ, кромка
имя существительное
flange, collar, rib
projection, ledge, protrusion, lip, lug, flange
edge, hem, flange, bead, selvedge, selvage
загибать кромку
имя существительное
a projecting flat rim, collar, or rib on an object, serving to strengthen or attach or (on a wheel) to maintain position on a rail.
the flanges that held the tailpipe to the aircraft
The derailment had happened when the flange of a wheel struck one half of a broken fishplate - a metal plate which holds sections of track together.
The hull and deck is joined at an overlapping flange with sealant and bolts on 12-inch centers.
The deck and hull are through bolted on an inward flange and structural knees and bulkheads are securely attached.
It now sports a mismatched set of pony wheels, after a flange on a previous pair let go.
Position the floor flange so that the underside of the flange is at the level of the finished floor.
The hulls and decks are joined on an inward flange and are securely bolted together through an aluminum toe rail.
Humble dressmaker details, such as self-welting and a flat flange , are simpler than fussy ruffles.
He also notes, ‘We went from a flat flange to a tough design with a specified insertion force with very tight tolerancing.’
Finally, they lay mesh over the flanges , position it above the plywood forms, and cast concrete on top.
So, the notion of fireproof expanded to include noncombustible materials that did not conduct heat, which could distort flanges or other crucial components.