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flammable / легковоспламеняющийся, огнеопасный
имя прилагательное
flammable, combustible, inflammable, tindery, touchy, apt to take fire
flammable, highly inflammable
имя прилагательное
easily set on fire.
the use of highly flammable materials
It's believed one of the fires was started using paraffin and other flammable materials stored in the shed.
Standing or fallen dry weeds can be highly flammable fire hazards in late fall, winter and early spring.
Kerosene is volatile, flammable and leaks very easily from containers.
Any warehouse or factory holding stocks of flammable material needs to be relocated to an industrial estate.
Small fires had been feeding upon flammable materials, but they were not large enough to turn on the sprinkler system.
Fire chiefs are now warning homeowners not to leave lighted candles unattended and close to flammable materials.
The incidents happened just hours after the fire brigade helped residents clear up the estate in the hope of removing flammable materials.
A process might be hazardous if it involves flammable or combustible materials.
It is thought to have been started with flammable material which caused an explosion damaging three windows.
This is because polystyrene is a flammable material that gives off a toxic black smoke in the event of a fire.