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flaming / пламенный, пылающий, пламенеющий
имя прилагательное
fiery, fervent, flaming, flamy, red-hot
glowing, flaming, aflame, aglow, fervent, ardent
flaming, flamboyant
имя прилагательное
burning fiercely and emitting flames.
they dragged her away from the flaming car
used for emphasis to express annoyance.
weeds can become a flaming nuisance
(of a gay man) having a manner or appearance regarded as stereotypically homosexual.
burn and give off flames.
a great fire flamed in an open fireplace
direct a vitriolic or abusive message at (someone) by posting on the Internet or sending an email.
your opinions and mine are probably different, but please don't flame me
Both had a flaming passion for weaponry, and this place had fuel aplenty.
Using felled trees, flaming tyres and cars, residents blocked entry to several towns.
People gather on the shore and archers fire flaming arrows at his boat.
She's already dressed, already pancaked with makeup, and her flaming hair has already been fussed with until even Angela is happy with it.
This means they swing from the cold outer reaches of space to make a close pass by the flaming surface of the star, and those close passes may serve as sterilisation events for the surface of the planet.
The stage was quickly transformed into a flaming inferno.
Witnesses near Lake Constance reported hearing a loud explosion and seeing a ball of fire and flaming pieces of wreckage crashing towards the ground.
Nibs takes a flaming stick from the fire to light his cigar.
When his vision had cleared, he saw his father standing motionless in the doorway, staring at the flaming wreck of the car.
My mother and father were sitting by the flaming fire chatting quietly.