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flamenco / фламенко
имя существительное
имя существительное
a style of Spanish music, played especially on the guitar and accompanied by singing and dancing.
It's been referred to as world music, flamenco , Spanish guitar, folk, etc, so how would you categorise it?
His eclectic work was written in 1945 and makes use of various styles such as cabaret, jazz and flamenco .
Show-stopping Irish dance leads into passionate flamenco and red-hot salsa routines.
Picasso frequently played flamenco on the weathered guitar - until the man who taught him how to play asked the artist to pay up for his services.
Horner decided to use the music and sounds of flamenco dancing during the sword fights.
In the early development of flamenco , the rhythm work was done in bare feet, so for me, the footwork is somewhat comparable to American Indian dance.
Lazily strummed blues to nervous flamenco in one short guitar solo.
The fusion of tap with flamenco, flamenco with Indian classical dance, or tap with Indian is not new in the experimentation of the foot cultures of the world.
He spent one year there performing flamenco , jazz, and Latino dances in clubs and restaurants.
While they're used to working with an accompanist, in flamenco the relationship is more interactive.
These classically trained ballet dancers transitioned entirely into flamenco catching the style, impulse and eclat of the genre.