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flamboyant / яркий, цветистый, пышный
имя прилагательное
bright, vivid, colorful, shining, flamboyant, glaring
flowery, flamboyant, florid, exuberant, gaudy, colorific
lush, luxuriant, sumptuous, opulent, gingerbread, flamboyant
flaming, flamboyant
чрезмерно пышный
имя существительное
огненно-красный цветок
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their behavior) tending to attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness.
a flamboyant display of aerobatics
of or denoting a style of French Gothic architecture marked by wavy flamelike tracery and ornate decoration.
To house his accumulation of art and curiosities he bought the hôtel of the abbots of Cluny that had been built in the flamboyant Gothic style around 1500.
So tearing my eyes away, I paid attention to what my flamboyant friend was saying.
The staging just about passes muster and it is enlivened by vivid sets and flamboyant costumes.
The colourful and flamboyant solicitor, famous for his Cuban cigars, quick wit, and genial sense of devilment, attained folk hero status among the showbiz fraternity.
Did the flamboyant personality on television elbow his way into the spotlight, or was he maligned by the newspaper?
Indian royal ritual and garments with their glittering gold work and flamboyant colours were adopted by Indonesian ruling princes.
One TV campaign features a glamorous woman flaunting flamboyant designer clothes in a subway car.
A flamboyant personality with a personal touch, most that had never even met him felt that they knew him as a friend.
However, the flamboyant politician, who was made deputy president in 1999 and is reportedly in debt, is remembered by colleagues as being careless with money.
He was flamboyant , selfish and wildly misogynist.
This is due to a phenomenon known as allelopathy where there are chemicals in the leaves, flowers and stems of the flamboyant which inhibit the growth of other plants.