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flaky / хлопьевидный, чешуйчатый, слоистый
имя прилагательное
flaky, flaked
scaly, flaky, squamous, scaled, squamose
laminate, laminated, flaky, schistous, tabular, flaked
имя прилагательное
breaking or separating easily into small thin pieces.
a tree with flaky bark
crazy or eccentric.
flaky ideas about taxes
Perhaps flaky software with little protection against hackers was okay when personal computers were a hobby thing - but today they're the backbone of virtually every business and government on the planet.
I was trapped with my flaky mother in a too-small car loaded with all of our worldly possessions, driving to a forsaken destination.
My appearance was disheveled and my complexion had a dry, flaky quality of an old sunburn.
Too much of everything - stress, sun, late nights and unhealthy food - takes its toll on your skin, making it look pasty, dull or flaky .
The free network connection is a little flaky , with the signal fading in and out.
Diets severely lacking in protein or fat can turn skin dry and flaky .
Before bathing, gently massage the mixture all over your body to increase circulation and remove dry, flaky skin.
In the elderly this often means hardening toenails and dry, flaky or hard skin on vulnerable parts of the feet.
Dry skin can look leathery, dry and flaky , and will lose the elasticity it needs to stay firm and young-looking.
At the very best, he is unreliable; at worst, he is flaky and irrational.