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flake / расслаиваться, шелушиться, падать хлопьями
exfoliate, flake, stratify, split, laminate, flake away
peel off, shell, peel, slough off, flake, slough
падать хлопьями
имя существительное
flake, scale, lamella
layer, bed, coat, stratum, sheet, flake
series, range, row, variety, line, flake
имя существительное
a small, flat, thin piece of something, typically one that has broken away or been peeled off from a larger piece.
paint peeling off the walls in unsightly flakes
a crazy or eccentric person.
So, do you now blame your loss on these crazies and flakes ?
a rack or shelf for storing or drying food such as fish.
a single turn of a coiled rope or hawser.
come or fall away from a surface in thin pieces.
the paint had been flaking off for years
break or divide (food) into thin pieces.
flake the fish
fall asleep; drop from exhaustion.
But now I have one babe asleep in my arms and the other babe is flaked out on the sofa.
lay (a rope) in loose coils in order to prevent it from tangling.
a cable had to be flaked out
I peel a chunk of weathered paint off, and hold the thin papery flake in my palm.
The paint coating the frame was peeling and a small flake was ripped off by a breeze and was carried away.
All the locals were legering dry crust or flake for the roach but I was determined to float fish.
Season the fish and cook either under an overhead grill, or over the coals until a flake of fish can be pulled easily from the bone.
Fish were fed on a mixture of commercial flake and live food once per day.
flake tools
I decided to use a nice piece of bread flake as hook bait.
The baits used are lobworms, cheese paste, meat paste, bread flake and crust.
Hooks are normally between size 6 and 10 baited with bread flake or crust.
my nails have started to flake at the ends