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flagpole / флагшток
имя существительное
flagpole, flagstaff, staff
имя существительное
a pole used for flying a flag.
No one partied harder than the people of Bolton, with flags flying patriotically from flagpoles and bunting between the houses.
There is also a tall flagpole with a flag being waved, depending on the weather, by the wind.
The idea of disguising the transmitter inside the flagpole was intended to ease the planning process.
A row has broken out between a village church and its neighbours after plans to put a phone mast disguised as a flagpole in its belltower were revealed.
Every morning the Indian flag is ceremonially hoisted on a central flagpole , an unusual practice for businesses here.
The flag was flying on the flagpole , meaning that Her Majesty was at home.
Beside him was another of the creatures, this one holding a large flagpole with a black flag hoisted to it.
Visitors to Scarborough Cricket Club this week will have noticed three flags on the club flagpole .
To hang a Union Flag up correctly the thick white stripe should be at the top of the flag nearest the flagpole and otherwise at the top on the left.
The school flag was lowered from a flagpole and replaced by a Union Flag before the 250 pupils gathered with staff to observe the two minutes' silence.
Just when the first Thai flag flew from a flagpole has never been established.