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flag-waving / бряцание оружием, сигнализация флагами
имя существительное
бряцание оружием
sabre-rattling, flag-waving
сигнализация флагами
имя существительное
the expression of patriotism in a populist and emotional way.
what began as jingoistic flag-waving deteriorated into an international crisis
Suffice to say, he's the same flag-waving Texas hick he's ever been.
The almost desperate character of the effort to silence or drown out antiwar protests suggests that something more than mindless flag-waving is going on here.
Joy's an unabashed, flag-waving patriot who joined the Air Force to serve his country.
These emblems of today's cult of passive suffering are at the opposite end of the emotional spectrum from traditional patriotic flag-waving .
Obviously there are many cheery, hardworking, flag-waving , devout Democrats out there.
In a time of fierce ideological commitment and flag-waving , Benjamin was never an ideologue.
But the ceremonies are likely to be resisted by some young Britons, who are naturally wary of what they regard as flag-waving patriotism.
I am not some flag-waving patriot cheering on every move our troops make.
Some people want to make it a day of flag-waving and patriotism.
Several hundred flag-waving administration officials cheered as the president's Marine One helicopter landed on the White House lawn.