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flack / паблисити, реклама, пресс-агент
имя существительное
publicity, flack
advertising, advertisement, ad, commercial, publicity, flack
press agent, press officer, flack
advertise, promote, tout, publicize, sell, flack
создавать шумиху
boom, flack
имя существительное
a publicity agent.
a public relations flack
publicize or promote (something or someone).
a crass ambulance-chaser who flacks himself in TV ads
In 1979, when the Three Mile Island nuclear power disaster occurred in Pennsylvania, President Carter went out of his way to flack for the atomic-energy industry.
The current state of publishing does make that task more difficult - the din of publishers competing to flack their latest ‘hot’ titles can become deafening at times.
He is the consummate natural actor who endows every role with effortless conviction; he could flack for cell phones, wine, whatever, and have you laughing or crying.
Now, comes word of yet another right-leaning columnist getting paid to flack for a Republican administration's policies.
They hire cool alpha boys to flack products to their pals.
the local news media shamelessly flack for the organizing committee
a public relations flack
I can say from experience that Michael knows his onions like no other flack I've ever met.
And that's just the leading edge of the flackery .
First, understand that the 25 percent of flacks who admit lying are the honest ones.