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flabby / дряблый, вялый, слабохарактерный
имя прилагательное
flabby, flaccid, slack, soft, dozed, shrunken
sluggish, slack, flaccid, languid, listless, flabby
flabby, infirm, flaccid, doughfaced
имя прилагательное
(of a part of a person's body) soft, loose, and fleshy.
this exercise helps to flatten a flabby stomach
I cannot understand how I let silly things bother me before, like a flabby stomach.
The aging body also starts getting flabby so exercises are vital.
As I look at my flabby body and my wasted muscles it is truly amazing that it managed to run 26.2 miles just 52 weeks ago.
As time goes on, his body grows muscular and thick, no longer flabby or soft.
Besides, it improves general body shape - no one wants a flabby stomach in the summer!
What did happen was that the unions got flabby and weak.
Sedate motorway driving in my comfortable car is making me soft and flabby , but I've seen the future.
I have a flabby stomach and I tried situps but it's not working.
Our bodies had become soft and flabby from lack of work and our souls were damaged far beyond repair.
Her body, big and flabby , jiggled as she shoved herself through the open door way and closed the oak door behind her.