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flabbergast / ошеломлять, изумлять, поражать
stun, overwhelm, bemuse, numb, knock, flabbergast
astonish, amaze, astound, daze, stupefy, flabbergast
hit, smite, amaze, affect, strike, flabbergast
surprise (someone) greatly; astonish.
this news has left me totally flabbergasted
I am frankly flabbergasted that my complaints so far have proved so ineffectual.
When she told me just a few weeks before that she was going to leave, I was flabbergasted and heartbroken.
When they arrived she said she was flabbergasted at reading the cover page on them.
I know there's a million puns to be had here, but I'm too flabbergasted to think of anything good.
This effect is so obvious to me that I'm flabbergasted at the smart people who can't see it.
He was flabbergasted at the total complexity of the question.
Brian was flabbergasted , but not really surprised, not on a subconscious level.
A shopkeeper was flabbergasted when he opened his mail to find an apology from a shoplifter, with a cheque for £75.
I was flabbergasted afterwards to hear that they do eight shows a week.
Well, I'd just like to say that I'm completely flabbergasted and astounded.