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fizzle / фиаско, провал, шипящий звук
имя существительное
fiasco, fizzle, frost, dead frost
failure, fail, collapse, failing, flop, fizzle
шипящий звук
fizzle, sizzle
слабо шипеть
имя существительное
a failure.
in the end the fireworks were a fizzle
end or fail in a weak or disappointing way.
their threatened revolt fizzled out at yesterday's meeting
There was a fizzle , and then a pop, and finally a clattering ring.
For a second there was only the electric fizzle , the sounds of hospital life going on in the background.
A fizzle sounded, and everybody turned their heads.
in the end the fireworks were a fizzle
So with a damp fizzle and a surprised pop, the monitor died on us.
in the end the fireworks were a fizzle
Is one of the most remarkable runs in the history of motorsports going to end with a fizzle rather than a bang?
the electric fizzle of the waves
During Ellie's report, the radio fizzled loudly, and a desperate male voice sounded.
But, overall, it was vacuous stuff, came to nothing, and fizzled out.