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fizz / шипение, шампанское, шипучий напиток
имя существительное
hiss, hissing, sizzle, fizz, sizzling, effervescence
champagne, bubbly, fizz
шипучий напиток
pop, fizz
hiss, sizzle, fizz, sputter, frizz, spit
play, act, perform, play on, toy, fizz
spark, sparkle, glisten, scintillate, glister, fizz
имя существительное
the champagne had lost its fizz
(of a liquid) produce bubbles of gas and make a hissing sound.
the mixture fizzed like mad
Afterwards about 30 of us went to an Italian deli for pasta, tiramisu and non-stop fizz .
It isn't the coldness, but the surface of the ice cube itself that creates the fizz .
It is this escape of carbon dioxide that gives these drinks their fizz .
This has everything I am looking for in a soda: Grapefruit, natural ingredients, the colour pink and a mild fizz .
a glass of your favourite fizz
Alas, they have more sax than sex appeal and typify the surprising lack of fizz in their staccato union of song, dance and clipped dialogue.
For me fizz , preferably champagne and preferably drunk out of doors, takes the place of lager and there is still plenty of cut-price choice around.
The sister is planning a visit at the weekend bringing no less than six bottles of wine and fizz for my professional scrutiny.
They are able to keep the fizz inside because the contents of the can are under higher pressure.
But then a few innings into it, he loses his fizz and is like one of the has-beens.