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fixture / зажимное приспособление, заранее назначенный день
имя существительное
зажимное приспособление
jig, fixture, clip
заранее назначенный день
имя существительное
a piece of equipment or furniture that is fixed in position in a building or vehicle.
a light fixture
a sports event that takes place on a particular date.
The midweek snow had a devastating effect on the fixture list.
Sherlock Holmes is a permanent fixture in popular culture, and he is particularly in fashion at the moment.
A permanent fixture in his life for decades, Gerald, now 74, has been building sheds since he was a child.
Russell should be a permanent fixture in the top 25 of the Order of Merit, but he is treading water.
And he wants the Nationwide League to follow suit, even though clubs outside the top flight have a busier fixture list.
Basil's percussion playing is almost a permanent fixture in the mall and he sticks to his task of earning an honest dollar with zeal.
The image of them, seemed like it was a permanent fixture in my brain.
the team's last away fixture of the season
Premiership footballers complain of fatigue as early as October with their crammed fixture lists.
He didn't foresee, though, that the farce would become a permanent fixture in our cultural life.
Still, look a little further down the fixture list and one or two tricky tasks spring forth.