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fixity / неподвижность, устойчивость, стойкость
имя существительное
immobility, stillness, stiffness, immovability, quiescence, fixity
stability, steadiness, fixity, mental ballast
durability, persistence, stamina, endurance, fortitude, fixity
имя существительное
the state of being unchanging or permanent.
the fixity of his stare
Having always considered intimacy to be rather messy, I was a bit surprised to see that its definition relies on containment and fixity .
Partly it is an effect of changed economic circumstances, in the West at least, in which the roles of breadwinners and homekeepers have unravelled out of long-preserved ideological fixity .
He postulates that one reason people with inquiring minds feel there is no place for them in churches is ‘the apparent fixity of our symbolical systems.’
By replacing usual, permanent materials with unusual ephemeral elements, the curators hope to ‘neutralize initial fixity of ideas’.
The youth of the present generation is wandering aimlessly without any fixity of purpose.
This metaphor implies the dichotomy within the artist of his simultaneity of fixity and of a nomad.
Fair rent and fixity of tenure are not new concepts, but they seem to be concepts that the Government seem fearful to tackle.
Without a sense of community, the village loses all fixity of purpose, never mind its unique identity.
But by Johns's account, the goal of reliability, of fixity , of faithfulness, and of protected authorship remained constant.
The latter would start with the irrevocable fixity of the exchange rates of those currencies participating in it, to be followed by the rapid introduction of the single currency, which would thus replace national currencies.