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fixed-wing / с неподвижным крылом
неподвижное крыло
имя прилагательное
denoting aircraft of the conventional type as opposed to those with rotating wings, such as helicopters.
In aviation there are two major kinds of aircraft: helicopters and fixed-wing airplanes.
The missile is used primarily by the U.S. Marine Corps on both helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.
Analogizing gyroplanes with helicopters is a little surprising, considering that gyroplanes fly more like fixed-wing airplanes than helicopters.
Both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters are used in this type of surveying.
Six all-weather lifeboats, four helicopters, one fixed-wing aircraft and another 26 vessels joined the search in deteriorating conditions.
It is designed for defence against both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and can also fire on ground targets.
It was replaced by the fixed-wing aircraft fitted with thermal imaging equipment allowing the crew to keep it in the air until that evening.
In conventional fixed-wing aircraft the pilots have eye contact with the engines.
This system is for fixed-wing and helicopter aircraft and is capable of detecting missile launches.
He said the air guard would, in the first instance, have four helicopter gunships and several fixed-wing aircraft to provide both military support and additional surveillance.
We performed our surveillance missions on the ground with jeep patrols and in the air with helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft.