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fixative / фиксирующий
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
antibody, copula, fixative
fixer, fixative
имя существительное
a chemical substance used to preserve or stabilize biological material prior to microscopy or other examination.
an alcoholic fixative
a substance used to keep things in position or stick them together.
the swift glues these thin twigs to a wall using its own saliva as a fixative
имя прилагательное
(of a substance) used to fix or stabilize something.
They determined whether use of fixative fluid, organic solvent, or both might contribute to the low numbers.
Instead, the sample is placed in a small bottle containing fixative solution.
The best option for those with older printers is to use a fixative spray.
A second motor initiation, which depresses a plunger in a manner similar to a syringe, combines the cell culture mixture with a fixative reagent, which squelches further biological reaction.
Especially when the greying crims could only be called hard-bitten if they'd managed to apply their denture fixative that morning.
Osmium tetroxide was used as a secondary fixative and stain prior to a second wash in phosphate buffer.
For histopathological observation, interphalangeal joint of right hind paw was sliced and placed in fixative of 10% formaline.
The fixative solution was partially but not completely removed, the pellet was resuspended, dropped onto pre-cleaned microscope slides and dried for 24 h at room temperature.
As much sea water as possible was removed from the samples and 4-5 volumes of cocktail fixative were added.
The eyes remained in the fixative solution overnight.
A technology that is being developed and refined at present is a fixative that allows blood samples to be stored and transported over 5 days without loss of accuracy in test results.