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fixation / фиксация, закрепление, навязчивая идея
имя существительное
fixation, fixing, attachment
fixing, fixation, anchorage, holding
навязчивая идея
obsession, fixed idea, fixation, idee fixe, haunter
имя существительное
an obsessive interest in or feeling about someone or something.
his fixation on the details of other people's erotic lives
the action of making something firm or stable.
sand dune fixation
the action of concentrating the eyes directly on something.
during the period of total blindness there was a complete absence of visual fixation
Bone marrow biopsy material was acid decalcified prior to formalin fixation .
Industrial fixation of nitrogen for fertilizer and other human activities has more than doubled the rates of terrestrial fixation of gaseous nitrogen into biologically available forms.
Figure 2 D shows a section taken from a dehydrated but unfrozen specimen that had not been allowed to re-hydrate prior to fixation .
Our fixation with labeling people and forcing them into tightly defined categories is contrary to our struggle for equality for all
You might think that in a deflationary world, companies and consumers alike might give up their fixation with brands, and be more interested in price instead.
Part of the media's fixation with his project was because it was so clearly his project, which he alone got off the ground.
The reasons for this arrest are not clearly specified; but it was assumed that fixation at the oral stage might be the result of either deprivation or overgratification of the infant's oral needs.
Many surgeons remain advocates of cementless total knee arthroplasty; however, the majority of current procedures involve cemented fixation .
The challenge was to switch off my brain - and its fixation on external goals like actually winning a point - and concentrate on my breath.
his fixation on the details of other people's erotic lives