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fixate / фиксировать, закреплять, страдать навязчивой идеей
fix, commit, fixate, immobilize, trace
fasten, fix, anchor, consolidate, secure, fixate
страдать навязчивой идеей
cause (someone) to acquire an obsessive attachment to someone or something.
she has for some time been fixated on photography
direct one's eyes toward.
subjects fixated a central point
it is important not to fixate on animosity
Specifically, there was a tendency to fixate objects sharing the target's contrast polarity and shape and this did not change even upon transfer to the new target.
there is tendency to fixate near the beginning of the line of print
He is fixated on the body to an almost pathological degree.
Both neurotics and perverts, therefore, were fixated at early stages of sexual development, but dealt with this fixation differently.
It turned out that a teenage girl was fixated with the idea of vampires and she gained a following in the area of other like-minded teenagers.
And as I came to understand, the woman was totally fixated on money and I should have done it.
She fixated me with a composed gaze, her mouth set in determination.
But while we are healthier for longer, we are fixated with mortality.
I was fixated by the literature and artwork style of the Celtic period.