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fiver / пятерка
имя существительное
five, fiver, cinque
имя существительное
a five-dollar bill.
What makes the whole operation so charming is that it seems like no one's dropping anything even as heavy as a fiver , so you lose your cash dollar by dollar.
Then, Frances bounded into the living room to collect a fiver after she heard her mom curse.
We are not talking in terms of a fiver or a tenner here or there.
I search my wallet for something extra, but I've only got a fiver and my checkbook is at home.
Admittedly, an extra fiver or tenner a month won't break the bank for most people but, for many of us, the council tax is one of our largest expenses.
The fiver will be paid back next Saturday at the pub.
Next I made it known that I would pick up anyone's kitchen detail for a fiver and soon I was working the wash box four days a week.
She says she'll sell it, and then if fate places that fiver and that book in each other's hands someday, they'll know they were meant to be together.
I picked up my frappuccino and drank it all down whilst Justin pulled out a fiver and left it on the table.
It is offering passengers from York the chance to travel to London for just a fiver - with a return ticket costing a tenner.
The happy hour offer is excellent value and the promotional bottle of wine at a fiver well what more can I say.