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fivefold / пятикратный, состоящий из пяти частей
имя прилагательное
fivefold, quintuple
состоящий из пяти частей
quintuple, fivefold
в пятикратном размере
имя прилагательное
five times as great or as numerous.
a fivefold increase in funding
by five times; to five times the number or amount.
the unemployment rate rose almost fivefold
Will the plausible three - to fivefold increase in beta carotene content be realized as the result of further research?
A study comparing the periods 1990 to 1992 with 1992 to 1994 demonstrated a fivefold increase in the incidence of positional head deformity and found that all affected infants were supine sleepers.
Even if investors feel they can mitigate some of these risks, they should look for a substantial return - perhaps fivefold or more.
Four fivefold serial dilutions were performed to produce samples of 0.2 ml each.
He wants the budget to be increased at least fivefold , from £15m a year to £75m and possibly more.
Aside from the official fivefold regional division of Brazil, a simpler economic distinction is made between the poor, underdeveloped North and the wealthier, more industrialized South.
In South Yorkshire, the average spend on the drugs has increased almost fivefold , from 53p in 1999 to £2.50.
The election commission yesterday said it was investigating a fivefold increase in the number of new voters in Kirkuk, an oil-rich northern city that the Kurds wish to incorporate into their self-ruled region.
People aged over 60 outnumber under-16s for the first time and the number of over-85s has increased fivefold to 1.1 million since 1951.
This initiative wants to achieve 50% domestic import substitution within the next five years with at least a fivefold increase in Namibian horticultural production.