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five-star / пятизвездочный, наивысшего качества
имя прилагательное
наивысшего качества
имя прилагательное
(especially of a hotel or restaurant) given five stars in a grading system, typically one in which this denotes the highest class or quality.
a luxury five-star hotel
The hotel offers rooms of five-star quality at four or even three-star prices and is notably eager to please.
‘If we don't like it we can always jump in the van and head for the nearest five-star hotel,’ added Mary.
Why not take our Evening Press campaign to a five-star General face-to-face?
Spreading over two storeys and 6500 sq ft, it is the largest spa in any five-star hotel in the country.
It's a fitting venue for a five-star hotel and one of the capital's best restaurants.
we got five-star treatment
Nearby, a five-star hotel with casino is nearing completion.
You'll find every amenity here, as befits a five-star hotel.
It has a five-star facility for private dining, corporate functions, business meetings and office parties.
Cuba offers a reasonable range of hotels, though do not expect a five-star hotel to meet the standard you may be used to.