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fitting-room / примерочная
имя существительное
fitting room
имя существительное
a room in a store in which one can try on clothes before deciding whether to purchase them.
‘I don't know,’ Justine rubbed her chin as I came out from the fitting room with my regular clothes on.
I slunk into the fitting room wishing I'd devoted the morning to cleaning the bathroom, or learning to crochet.
She said women were going into a small foyer next to the fitting rooms to give their men's clothes the once-over, but that some strayed into the actual changing room area.
I had a cart full of clothes and was waiting for a fitting room to become available.
‘Okay,’ I said hesitantly, walking into of the fitting rooms .
I headed to the fitting room and began trying on the clothes.
I took the dress from him and went into one of the fitting rooms .
I go into the fitting rooms and start to try on the jackets.
There is absolutely no heat in the fitting rooms .
Hurriedly, I left the fitting rooms , and walked to the other side of the department store, and grabbed my cell phone out of my back pocket.
Between forays to the fitting rooms , customers can relax on the store's large, comfortable sofas and contemplate purchases as they sip the complimentary refreshments or search magazines for inspiration.