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fitter / слесарь, монтер, сборщик
имя существительное
locksmith, mechanic, fitter, machinist, artificer
fitter, electrician, adjuster, fitterman
collector, picker, fitter, erector, adjuster
имя существительное
a person who puts together or installs machinery, engine parts, or other equipment.
a pipe fitter
a person who supervises the cutting, fitting, or alteration of garments or shoes.
Also inform the shoe fitter of any previous injuries you might have had, as this could affect the type of shoe suitable to you.
имя прилагательное
(of a thing) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose.
the meat is fit for human consumption
in good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.
I swim regularly to keep fit
Jack had been a kitchen fitter working for a large company for several years before deciding to set up on his own building and fitting kitchens to order.
Those detained included an accountant, a builder, a window fitter and a machine operator.
He believed his son, a mechanical fitter , had a secure future.
a pipe fitter
a qualified gas fitter
They included a pipe fitter , a nursery worker, a writer, a nurse and a computer programmer, among others.
It's best to chose a few different bras in your measured size and ask a trained fitter to check which one gives you the best support and shape.
kitchen fitter
He is a mechanical fitter by trade and he hopes to return to working on the railways.
He is a machine fitter and has been helping the British Engineers bring the power station back on line.