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fitted / соответствовать, приспосабливать, подходить
correspond, match, meet, fit, conform, satisfy
fit, adapt, adjust, accommodate, fit in, gear
approach, come, fit, nigh, suit, near
имя прилагательное
made or shaped to fill a space or to cover something closely or exactly.
the blouse has a fitted bodice
attached to or provided with a particular component or article.
a pistol fitted with a match-grade barrel
having the appropriate qualities or skills to do something.
physicists may not be fitted for involvement in industrial processes
be of the right shape and size for.
those jeans still fit me
fix or put (something) into place.
they fitted smoke alarms to their home
be in agreement or harmony with; match.
the punishment should fit the crime
The dashboard is decorated in purple velour and gold braid, protected from dust by a fitted polythene cover.
The sheets had all fallen off the bed and even the fitted sheet was coming off.
It had a fitted bodice with small, off-the-shoulder sleeves.
For 10 bucks extra you could even throw in a fitted sheet.
A fitted washable cover is supplied as a standard accessory and protects the fabric covering the seating area.
Then place the fitted sheet back on the mattress.
Bed-making takes no time with fitted sheets.
If that doesn't ease your pain, try a fitted cushioned seat cover (found in cycling shops and sporting goods stores).
They wore cornflower blue strapless fitted bodices with fishtail shaped skirts and carried hand-tied bouquets of white carnations and pale blue freesia.
I use a fitted sheet because I sleep on a twin futon and the mattress is in two pieces.