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fitness / фитнес, пригодность, приспособленность
имя существительное
fitness, fitness center
fitness, suitability, availability, aptitude, applicability, aptness
имя существительное
the condition of being physically fit and healthy.
disease and lack of fitness are closely related
fitness coach
the medical board assessed his fitness for active service
This programme will incorporate fitness skills with a healthy eating programme.
He's aced parts of the army physical fitness test and was admired by his superiors for his work ethic.
The company provides advisers to help staff with money matters and health and fitness services.
Allegations that he abused his former wife call into question his fitness for the job.
he had a year in which to establish his fitness for the office
a fitness test
Finally, the EU is empowered with the last word on an applicant's fitness for membership.
Of course, this led to some derogatory comments being made about our upbringing and fitness for mixed society.