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fitment / предмет обстановки, оборудование
имя существительное
предмет обстановки
equipment, facilities, furnishing, installation, plant, fitment
имя существительное
a fixed item of furniture or piece of equipment, especially in a house.
It was new and was at first thought to have come from redecorating work, but it matched none of the fitments in the house at Albert Place.
He said that there had been a removable shower fitment for attaching to a bath which had been bought to enable a particular person to wash their hair.
Safety features may account for up to 15 per cent of the manufacturing cost of the vehicle and car manufacturers feel that it is not good for their bottom-lines to provide safety features as standard fitment .
If it was standard fitment , however, the cost would be closer to $50 per car in high volumes.
Put together a couple of kitchen fitments , buy a coffee machine and Bob's your uncle.
This currently uses the standard turbo installation, which unlike some aftermarket turbo fitments looks neat enough to be an original factory fit.
It demonstrated that three fitments provided by Gill were faulty.
Multiple sizes from 300 mm up to 1 metre, differing colours (blue, silver and black) and of course the different fitments make it quite versatile in its application.
It is distinguished by the quality of its original fitments and by the way it has preserved its original multi-roomed character.
Basic safety and security is well managed, and fitments include powered front windows, a decent sound system, and cloth upholstery.
Much of the house has been untouched since the original fitments were put in in 1898.