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fitful / прерывистый, порывистый, судорожный
имя прилагательное
intermittent, discontinuous, broken, fitful
gusty, impetuous, choppy, fitful, squally, brash
convulsive, spasmodic, spastic, paroxysmal, fitful
имя прилагательное
active or occurring spasmodically or intermittently; not regular or steady.
a few hours' fitful sleep
I snatched six hours of restless, fitful sleep before having to get back into the office.
The sun rose in the late evening usually just when Eva was beginning to fall into fitful sleep with restless dreams.
Her sleep is fitful and she often stays in bed until midday, too weak to move or because the pain is too severe.
I spent most of the night trying not to be sick and catching a few fitful hours of sleep, but I was much better by the next day.
Shortly after we finished, we turned in for what proved to be a long night of fitful sleep.
I fell into a fitful , restless sleep, one that was preoccupied with thoughts of him.
She mumbled something and shut her eyes, falling into a fitful sleep.
Last night was particularly disturbing because I had fitful dreams on the edge of consciousness.
Kara had a fitful night sleep before waking up early.
Don wrapped his protective arms around her and didn't leave her until he had rocked her to a fitful sleep two hours later.