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fission / расщепление, разделение, распадение
имя существительное
split, splitting, cleavage, fission, disintegration
separation, division, divide, partition, segregation, fission
disintegration, fission
split, fission, disintegrate, splinter, split asunder, sliver
split, fission, disintegrate, splinter, crack, slit
(chiefly of atoms) undergo fission.
these heavy nuclei can also fission
In either case, she is no longer with him, another fission in this song of mournful departures.
The fission process itself provides a mechanism for creating a so-called ‘chain reaction.’
Uranium fission plants in the US are presently supplying less than 8% of our total energy demand.
Several of these new departments have been reorganised on a number of occasions to accommodate shifting trends in policy, through what might be referred to as a process of fission and fusion.
the party dissolved into fission and acrimony
It produces no fission radioactive by-products or fallout of serious concern.
In the current wave, processes of fission and disintegration predominate.
These fission products are not found in natural background radiation, but are exclusively byproducts of nuclear weapons explosions and nuclear reactor operations.
the party dissolved into fission and acrimony
a fission product