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fishing / рыбалка, рыбная ловля, тоня
имя существительное
рыбная ловля
fishing, fish, sport
fishing, haul, fishery, draught
имя прилагательное
fishing, piscatorial, piscatory
fishing, piscatorial, piscatory
имя существительное
the activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport.
The fact that humans are killing about 20 to 30 million sharks a year through commercial sport and fishing is also food for thought.
catch or try to catch fish, typically by using a net or hook and line.
he was fishing for bluefish
mend or strengthen (a beam, joint, mast, etc.) with a fish.
The trips are described as the ideal way to get an introduction to the sport of fishing and meeting like minded people.
fishing prohibited!
the area is renowned for its excellent deep-sea fishing
It is there, she realises, to poach fish before the licensed fishing crews set out.
As fishing was a communal activity, with boats crewed by different families, it was necessary to mark the fish so that its owner could be identified once the fish was landed on the beach.
A good flood on Monday should bring in a lot more fish, and fishing should be good this week.
fishing boats
Incidentally, second to skydiving, fishing is his favourite sport.
But the Spanish government continues to insist that its fishing fleet can fish in Irish water from January.
Prizes include rods and reels, fishing tackles kits, fishing tackle packs, picnic baskets, a marine radio and aerial, plus a lot more.