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fishery / рыболовство, рыбный промысел, тоня
имя существительное
рыбный промысел
fishing, haul, fishery, draught
имя существительное
a place where fish are reared for commercial purposes.
Although some stream fed commercial fisheries do contain natural fish, the fast majority are artificially stocked.
And it is hoped that, once the current objective has been achieved, it will create the necessary political pressure for the Irish government to take steps to phase out their own drift net fishery .
Federal fisheries officials were committed to the restoration of the commercial fishery by rebuilding stocks of lake trout until natural regeneration took place.
A good few fish remained in the fishery , and the total catch for the week was 14.
Conservationists are planning to build an artificial reef to bring a once-prolific in-shore fishery wiped out by trawlers back to life.
Protecting hagfish populations during potential reproductive periods may allow them to recover from the pressures of a commercial fishery .
About 500 salmon are caught every year at the fishery where a day's fishing can still yield fantastic results.
It expands the data collected to represent all farmer and fishery cooperatives and publishes preliminary findings.
A commercial fishery opened in 1916 and lasted until 1935, when the bass was granted protection as a sport fish.
In the scallop fishery , catches have been good but the prices paid to fishermen are very low.
It owns a fishery and fishing lakes, water skiing, sailing lakes, golf, tennis and a health and fitness club.