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fisherman / рыбак, рыболов, рыболовное судно
имя существительное
fisherman, fisher, banker, fishman
angler, fisherman, fisher, sportsman
рыболовное судно
hooker, fisherman
имя существительное
a person who catches fish for a living or for sport.
That would drive prices down and encourage fishermen to catch more fish to make the same amount of money.
The suggestion is that instead of fish, the fisherman himself has been caught in the net.
A giant squid shocked the fisherman who caught it in his net off the coast of Vancouver Island.
At the time these fisherman were going out sports fishing with hand lines.
When fishermen caught species in their net that were over quota they had to throw them back into the sea.
After more than one hour both the fish and the fishermen were tired.
For the local fishermen , however, fishing for the snappers is a way of life.
The perception of the fishermen was that the fish were still there to be caught.
Wouldn't it be nice if sport fishermen were able to drag up catches like that from our waters?
There are several different varieties and are a favourite of sport fishermen in those areas.
There seemed to be no sense at all in importing supplies our own fishermen should have been catching.