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fishcake / рыбная котлета
имя существительное
рыбная котлета
fishcake, fish-ball
имя существительное
a patty of shredded fish and mashed potato, typically coated in batter or breadcrumbs and fried.
Teamed with potatoes it makes excellent fishcakes , a lovely soup or a warming supper dish.
He came back with chips, a fishcake and a battered sausage.
This was the first time Ann could remember fishcakes in batter.
Freia, a trained chef, also makes delicious food like fishcakes .
His recipes - such as chicken pie, fishcakes and pavlova - really work well and the book is perfect for Christmas stockings.
One used to get very simple things such as meat pies and fishcakes and things of that kind.
I've put together a dish of salmon fishcakes , but brought in some Scandinavian flavours that marry well with smoked fish.
A long-time fan of this particular culinary partnership, I had a go at making light, crisp, potato-free fishcakes and putting them on the table with a jar of the dill and mustard sauce.
For example the Thai fishcakes are medallions of sole and prawn mousse, blended in red curry paste with cucumber dressing.
One little girl said she didn't like tuna but when we made tuna fishcakes I persuaded her to try it and she ended up loving it.
Is there not more scope for dishes like fishcakes and seafood stews where fish is thriftily combined with cheap decent ingredients?